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The game takes place in a typical RPG fantasy setting. The player gets to choose one of three unique characters, each with a different playstyle and combat abilities attached to them, and use them as they battle their way through hand-crafted dungeons, fighting multiple enemies while pursuing the main villain. This seemingly “evil” and powerful one-eyed wizard, a being who is aware that everything in the world is just part of a video game, has wronged these “heroes” in the past and lures them into his lair with his taunts and over-the-top antics, while also breaking the 4th wall and engaging directly with the audience. 

Experience each character’s unique story and personality as their past connections with the wizard unravel throughout an adventure filled with hack and slash action against swarms of enemies and challenging boss fights, all through the lens of a top-down perspective camera.


Antonis Oikonomou
Kostas Karamagiolis
Alex Mitropoulos


Builds.zip 231 MB

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